The jerk files
2001-08-05 23:12:18 (UTC) feels... Crunchy!

Well its Sunday about 4 04 pm. I am very tired and bored.
Armina is here. i dont know why. She needs to go home. I
just wrote to a friend via email. I did nothing today. I
will do nothing tomorrow. I am anxious for masters to
start,... and end. lol jk! Well last night some friends
and I went out to golf-land and went golfing,..(what else
is there to do?) I did sooo terrible. Oh well maybe next
time. I do better on the Camelot course anyways,.. pff! Um
tonight is prayer for Pastor Dans daughter. She is very
sick and might not make it. God can heal her i know but
sometimes i still wonder why these things happen to little
children. I may never know. But if she goes to be with God
i know ill feel good because she is healed from this
earthly body. And man! theres nowhere id rather be than
heaven. Anyways... Lets see... i had enchiladas for
dinner,.. leftovers though. anyways... lets see,..

5 People I'd never want to be....

1. The president
2. Carrot Top
3. A sewer worker
4. One of the olsen twins
5. Bill Gates

dont ask me why. I have my reasons.