My so called Life
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2001-08-05 22:29:15 (UTC)

Welcome to Hell! ^_^

*waves* New member in the brigade.

I can never start out with my first entry, I never have
anything to say! Anyway, guess I should just lay out the

Almost 15 (_ALMOST_)
I live in California (*dull cheering* yay.)
I'm an anime freak, just to warn you.
I'm a freak, just to warn you. (Well, you wouldn't
guess that at first glance)
Blonde... to the roots.... (Mommy, it hurts to think ~_~)

And about to go into Sophomore year, so, keep me in mind,
you'll be hearing more of me complaining very soon
(*monotone voice* isn't that comforting.)

Aragitou! Sayanara!

-Araydia (Ray)

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