Daily Rants
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2002-10-20 17:34:04 (UTC)

Teen Pop

When did our teen pop princesses become Porn Stars? I
mean, people used to be scandalized by Britney prancing
around in her little catholic school girl uniform. Then
it's Christina Aguilera rolling about in the sand,
imploring the youth of America to "rub her the right way".
I think it's actually a competition between these girls.
Here's how it goes: Britney strips at the Video Music
Awards, Christina wears dental floss to an awards show.
Britney puts out her soft core porn movie "I'm a slave 4 U"
which Christina then trumps with her video "Dirrty".
(Which, by the way has one accurate Capoeira scene and one
stupid breakdancing one... such sorrow that the greatness
of Capoeira would be associated with such filth)

So I pose a question to the teen pop queens, their
producers, their mothers.... HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH

Is this the image we want to be pushing on our nation's
youth? That if you wear thong panties and a bikini top,
while humping guys that you'll be loved and admired? This
is why 12 year old girls go out looking like prostitutes.
Why is it that you can only show off your mediocre talents
in the guise of your sexual nature?