2002-10-20 17:29:38 (UTC)

October, 20/2002

FIZZZZZUCK! I've been forgetting to write.
Anyway, my glan hurts even more now, probably 'cause I have
my period, ha ha, I'm so gross it's great...
Anyway, my weekend was FUCKING FUN, Friday Shauna wanted me
to go meet Jeremy with her (internet guy) so we did, we
juss chilled at his house for awhile, yesterday (Saturday)
we slept over at his house and had to wake up at fuckin' 9
this morning, even though I don't think we slept...drunk
and high last night, as usual this sucks!
Other than that it was a pretty basic weekend, school
So much more I could write...but can't juss incase people
see things...*