my so called life
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2002-10-20 17:29:18 (UTC)

Six wonderful months

We've been together six months tomorrow.
Six months.. that's half a year..! The six best months of
my life.
It sucks so much that I won't be able to talk to him
tomorrow! I want to hear his voice so badly, I want to
thank him for these six months..I need to tell him that I
love him and that I want us to have six new wonderful
months.. and to hear him say he loves me back. I won't be
able to talk to him till Thursday, and perhaps not even
Well, I'm writing him a letter.. I write something every
day so that it's almost like we've talked every day. Bah..
it's SO not the same.
Oh well..
I've had a good weekend.. Friday I had a vorspiel and we
went out. Saturday we went to a basketball game and my
school's team won :)
Goodie :)
I'm off