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2002-10-20 17:23:33 (UTC)

I tried to cry but all that came out was dust

Fall Break is coming to an end and not too much happened
during it...
Friday... well i skated with julian, chris, and keene all
day and then left to get ready for a pep band. wow big
mistake. i got a ride from lauren and thought that the
evening would be very fun. nope. after sitting bored out
of my fucking mind for the first half, keene and chris
showed up at the game intoxicated.
i was jealous, but my time was soon to come was well.
anyone who i can call a friend during the football game
can be described as this: fucking savages. the second my
friends come into the stands with us everyone who ignored
me the rest of the game, well yeah they came over to speak
with us. thanks for being there for me when i was bored
and when i wanted to talk to you. well anyways after the
game we (through the rest of this paragraph, we = me,
keene and chris) walked to mcdonalds and had keene's dad
take us to keenes. we then got drunk. fun. we did our
usual drunk stuff walked around outside, destroyed stuff.
and the next morning i wasn't guilty of any crimes against
friendship. this is very much unlike the experience of
getting drunk with other people (you know what i'm talking
about, and if you don't then you don't want to know).
Yesterday (saturday) me, peter, and lauren hung out all
day preparing for brandon's birthday party. we definately
had fun! brandon's party was....ehh..... In no way am i
saying that it wasn't fun and/or enjoyable, but i have
other shit on my mind.
Last night I stayed online until about 3 o'clock. doing
what you ask... well a little girl name lauren introduced
the diary thing to me, well as i was talking to lino i
read every diary entry that she had. definately fun, i can
remember most of those times. i left my computer angry,
confused, depressed? well who cares.
Today (sunday) i woke up at about 12 and will probably do
absolutely nothing all day, what a waste of a day. Life
has again thrown me lemons and all that i do i sit there
and get hit in the face.
Next monday is my birthday. yeah (very unethusiastic).
birthdays just signify growing one day older it's just
like any other day of the year except you've been alive
for exactly a certain amount of years. the following
saturday is homecoming. i will be having my birthday party
on that night because it's the only possible day that i
can have one. alot of people that i was going to invite
are going to homecoming, some people that i don't
understand why they are going, but it's their choice if
they want to pay money to listen to shitty music and
pretend to know how to dance.
i will follow my mentor on diary writings and write about
a person (very random) well to start off i'll pick and
easy one... brandon stetson barrios. well i have a lot
that i can say about him so here goes.
Brandon- well in the beginning of our friendship it seemed
that we had almost everything in common, we're both
gifted, our families are nuts about the Gators and lived
in gainesville, we both like punk/ska and secretly a
little emo, we both have had our fair share of gf mishaps,
we both skateboard, etc. this built the foundation of our
friendship we had so much in common that we could talk for
hours on end about anything. there were times when we
would sit in his room and talk forever, but it was very
fun. now smooth sailing until one night when i made one of
my biggest mistakes ever... i got drunk with his
girlfriend and others, and things happened. picture our
friendship as a river, it's going very good, he trusted me
very much, well this was a waterfall. verygood friends to
nothing. after a while we reconciled or more he reconciled
with me. now things are going pretty good, i can tell that
in no way does he trust me like he used to, but trust will
take a while to rebuild. we're in a band together (that
doesn't ever practice). well that's not all i could say
about brandon, but that's all i'll say. thank you lauren
for reading it again and have a good sunday.

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