Suzie Q

life with me
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2001-08-05 21:39:48 (UTC)


Well this weekend has been horrible for me. Friday I
went and got my school schedule. I have 3 classes with
Tiara. That is going to be fun. When I finally talked to
Allen Friday he had lost his job and come home to hear that
I was cheating on him with Matt. Which was untrue. I was
so pist. Me and him had a really big fight about it. I
told him that I had talked to Matt, which I had, but I
hadn't been to his house to see him like everybody was
telling him. I also had a talk with him about how sorry he
was acting lately, wasting all of him money. I think he
started to understand by Saturday. Although I'm not sure.
Saturday he stayed most of the day with me, although he
slept most of the time he was here. I tried to get him to
wake up and spend some time with me before I went to Elko,
but he wouldn't wake up. All well. He called last night
while I was at the mud races and said that 4 people had
called his dads house yesterday and told him that I had
plans with Matt for Monday, which once again istn't true.
I hate this fucking town. It is so small that everybody
knows everybody, and all of their business. I haven't
talked to him yet today. I called while I was in Macon at
my grandma's, but I don't know where he is at. I dont know
where he is planning on staying tonight. I just keep
wondering if things are going to be the same for us or not
now. I might just break up with him anyhow, and make it
easy for both of us. I know that even if he didn't want to
be with me he wouldn't iknow ow to break up with me.


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