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2001-08-05 21:28:21 (UTC)

Guys *UGH*

what to do, what to do...guys confuse me so much...the ones
i want as friends want more and the ones i want as
boyfriends only want to be friends...wht the hell is with
that? i dont think i'll ever be able to understand guys...i
saw darryl today...uuuuuuuugh i want him so badly!!! i dont
knwo why but im just so attracted to him!!! most people
don't think hes even that good looking but he just turns me
on so much!!! this is so not healthy!! i gotta do something
about this...and then...there's brad...what to do about
him...geeze...i havent seen him since wednesday...he might
come over on thursday...maybe that will help me figure
something out...cuz after saturday im gone for 2
i need to figure this out before i leave...or at least
try...i dont know what to do...any suggestions?