The mediocrity that is me
2002-10-20 10:12:04 (UTC)


OK, so I'm drunk.


not as drunk as say...anthony. or joel. or mark. or

but i'm still drunk.

and damn, does it feel good. drunk and smoking
cigarettes. a glass of red wine sounds incredibly,
indecently good right about now. and so does a random,
beautiful man --- to have sex with, and to tell me i'm
beautiful. i dont' give a shit that it's a lie.

anyway, tonight i went out with a bunch of people that i
didn't really know. ok, a bunch of guys that i didn't
really know. why don't i have any friends who are girls?
is it because they don't measure up to the standard that i
have set for them? they're not going to be laura or kripa
or kayla. they'll never be laura or kripa or kayla.

so why do i judge every girl based on those standards?

i know, this sounds like something a guy would say. fuck
that. i really couldn't care less if i tried.

i'm sick of being the only chick hanging around a bunch of

joel is my best friend down here. i thought it might be
anthony for a while, but he doesn't seem to like me all
that much anymore.


tonight was great. i had a blast. i want to pass out now.