down in my eyes
2002-10-20 09:23:34 (UTC)


She's told she's beautiful. But, i don't believe she is.
I've searched again & again, but there is not One inch
of beauty i find. Instead, i see only an egotistical
individual, seeking to somehow feel redeeming. She seems
to live to suck life out of others.

I looked upon your words for a long time, today, 'n i
almost became upset. But then i realized that i can't
be. That i'm not. I'm a strong enough person, that
i won't allow your selfish words to interfere with my
life 'n my surroundings.
I also realized that I Am strong enough, 'n You are the
weak person. Only consuming from others. To make
others feel bad about themselves, Only to make yourself
feel worth while. To feel like you're worth something?

Maybe you are deserving, but why must you constantly put
down others, simply to make yourself appear admirable?

It doesn't work that way, i'm sorry. It doesn't.