Princess Diary
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2001-08-05 20:47:40 (UTC)

Sunny Days

Days like these make me wonder if Heaven is located here
on earth. I know things could always go from bad to worse
or just bad to good but I know no matter how it ends there
will always be a rainbow after the storm. I keep my faith
strong and when the time comes to leave EDEN's paradise I
will then know how much closer I was to heaven just by
living on earth.
Everytime I went to a destination and greeted someone I
felt like it was my angel taking on many forms to make sure
I was safe and nothing happened to me. You can tell by the
way they smile at you and look into your eyes as if they
knew you their whole lives but I will never know, just the
feeling of it makes me look at life a whole nother way.
I know that sometimes may not go as planned but I know
that there is always a way to look at it and just say "It
could be worse"

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