Meshed Up
2002-10-20 08:19:56 (UTC)


'look, a negro!' it was an external stimulus that flicked
over me as i passed by. i made a tight smile.

'look, a negro!' it was true. it amused me.

'look, a negro!' the circle was drawing a bit tighter. i
made no secret of my amusement.

'mama, see the negro! i'm frightened!' frightened!
frightened! now they were beginning to be afraid of me. i
made up my mind to laugh myself to tears, but laughter had
become impossible.

- the fact of blackness
frantz fanon


sethe killed beloved, her eldest daughter, out of real love.
her narrative:

'that anybody white could take your whole self for anything
that came to mind. not just work, kill, or maim you, but
dirty you. dirty you so bad, you couldn't like yourself
anymore. dirty you so bad you forgot who you were and
couldn't think it up.'


it is such a colorful world.