lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-10-20 07:01:50 (UTC)


tonight i went to lauren's party & it was actually crazy
fun. for realsies. she had this awesome dj and the ddr
game set up and a ping pong table and a pool and a
cute little fire thing...and wow it was just pretty tight
sauce. i got there a little late cuz of the
whole...uhh...situation...but i'm glad i made it cuz i
ended up staying until 11:30...

anycrap, i hung out with lauren, allie schank, trevor,
blake, whatever...and andrew alandy, who i went to
kindergarten with. even though he now goes by a.j. and
seems to think he's a future boy band member (i kid
you not), he's the cutest thing. he totally remembered
me and we talked and then while i was leaving i said,
"it was really cool seeing you after ten'll
probably be ten years before i see you again, but
whatever..." and he said, "no, i'm sure it will be
sooner..." with a hint of mischief in his voice. haha i am
such a freak. so whatever, i just really like him cuz he's
kind of ryan-ish...right on.

um well i want to go finish that pizza i've
been on a really weird eating schedule today...boys are
bad for your body...not in a gross way. whatever.