Life Sux Then You Die
2001-08-05 20:25:51 (UTC)

Day: 29 (tralalallaa looks nasty outside...)

It looks like it is going to rain today...dark and nasty
looking outside...eewww...We do need the rain. My cactus is
dry...need to water it. I am sooo proud of my dogwood
tree...well..mine and my dads...he planted it. ^_^ its my
baby though. ^_^ its soo big! over 9 feet..I remember when
it was knee-high to a grasshopper...^_^ its grown soo
big..he's my big boy :'( hehehhe my cactus is looking
bigger...Its called a irish redhead. ^_^ i pet it. Ever pet
a porqupine? its like that. ^_^ hehehehhehe I dont get
pricked...Not even by the porqupine. I love animals! ANIMAL
ANIMAL ANIMAL! HEHEHHEhehehehe me being goofy right