Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-08-05 20:18:11 (UTC)


You bitch whore
You are cheap
And you beg for more
You feed off pain and suffering
In so many ways like me
You cheap stupid slut
You ingest the minds of little,
Maggot fucking maggots
Your flesh will be torn from you
When you are in hell
No god fuckingchurch can save you now, miss
You're too late to save yourself now miss, you bitch
Your life was better not to be lived
I'd respect you for admitting that
But you don't you stupid slut
You flaunt yourself for your amusement
You want to fuck yuorself
Go on bitch, you deserve it, Fuck yourself
I mean, who haven't you fucked??
Mrs Ellis, you stupid slut

ok, it's crap, but I couldn't do any better