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2002-10-20 04:28:05 (UTC)

So I want to save the world....

My mom once said to me that I am the "future of
homosexuals." Her reasoning was that I am (most likely) a
straight WASP who just believes that people should be
accepted for who they are. Then she elaborated by saying
that I am the "future of liberals." I laughed at her,
because I would never dream of thinking about myself in
such grandiose terms. But, thinking about her reasoning
behind it, there is probably some truth there.
I am a liberal. I honestly just wish that people would be
happy. And the only way for that to happen is for people to
be accepted for who they are-whether they be homosexual,
black, or Jewish. Or all three. And although I know
instinctively that perhaps my ideas are far-fetched, and
that I won't live to see my dreams become reality, why not
try? Why not do everything I can to try and make this
fucked up world a better place? I don't believe in regret,
so I try and make the right decisions as I come to them. I
never want to look back and curse myself for doing or not
doing something. So when I am an old woman, too feeble to
drag myself out of bed, I do not want to remember my life
and ask "Why didn't I do everything I could?"
I'm not a radical. I try to think realisticly, and I would
like to think that I am intelligent enough to go about
getting things done in the right way. I am a member of
Amnesty International, and while many people say that
writing letters doesn't do anything, it does. I know that
over 40,000 prisoners of conscience have been released at
least partially because of Amnesty International. 40,000!
Think of how many people that is. Not just the number, but
imagine them. Imagine meeting 40,000 people. They all have
beliefs, faults and personalities of their own. And little
me helped to make them happier.
I want to be a teacher. According to my family I'm destined
to be a lawyer, and that's okay too. As a teacher I could
touch people's lives. I've had so many great teachers
who've affected me profoundly. I want to pass that on to
another student. If I end up being a lawyer, that's great
too. I'll take down the system from the inside. In my
opinion, that is the only way to do it.
So I want to save the world. What's so wrong with that?

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