Cut the elastic on my underwear
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2002-10-20 03:37:49 (UTC)

Sucked down the drain with the plastic army toys....

Today was a day that will forever be remembered in denial.
I was taking a long luxurious mud bath in the South
Caribean drinking my mocha latte when it happend. I was
sucked down the drain. I remember the swirling motion my
hair was making as it became entangled in the pipes. That's
when the parallel universe that exists only in my pants
became a reality. The little army men that reside there
became the future of our planet. They expanded into the
hommie J dawg that they became. Soon I became entranced in
the moment. The grass was growing quickly around me. Soon I
was the size of an ant roaming the desoliate garden of
eden. Things that once seemed tiny and universally
unimportant soon towered over me and dictated my thougths
and actions. I was a slave of their power. I realized that
it was the beginning of the end. I was forever forced to
live by their rules.I felt pain. But then I realized that
it was just the LSD kicking in and the pain I was feeling
was my friend cutting the elastic on my underwear. Word.
Peace out
Gotta Bounce
Your homie J of the evening in my hightech o rama pad

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