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2002-10-20 03:02:35 (UTC)

no pleasure

this aspect in my life has really gone too far. i really do
find no pleasure in anything. there's nothing fun anymore.
i have no motivation in life. it just feels all the same.
my happiest moments are still below average. even music
isn't raising my mood as much. i guess i have all the
symptoms of depression, now. always sleepy, no pleasure in
activities, frequently sad, and even now i have no
motivation to write. i usually can't stop typing, but im
just not into it. ive also been developing a new theory
that my mind is definitely divided. i would go into
details, but i just can't write now. just have too many
contradicting views at the same time, too many motivations,
just total conflict. anyway, im going to go burn 8 more
hours anyway i can until i can sleep.