Unicorn Dreams
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2001-08-05 18:41:58 (UTC)

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I decided today that today I'd start taking responsibility
for myself.

I have type II diabetes. It was such an embarassing
revelation when I learned. I never thought it would happen
to me. EVER!! Both my parents had it. I didn't think I'd
get it yet. I'm only 31 years old.

Anyway, I've had a rough few months. I haven't been working
since last August. I was depressed for a little while and I
was also in a car accident. I was injured. Soft tissues
they say and whip lash. Nice.

Anyway, Last week I also learned that I have lost weight. I
was pregnant a few weeks ago. I wasn't too pleased by my
fiance (then) said that we are going to deal with it. So,
we decided to have the baby. I miscarried about a week
later. So, last week I discovered that I have dropped about
four dress sizes since about two months ago. It's not like
it was a mystery either. We had been really busy and very
active since the miscarriage. I also seem to have an
addictive personality, so why not become addicted to being

It's not such a bad idea. I've been doing a lot of walking
lately. The weather is so warm and it feels so nice on my
back, shoulders and neck. I also started a workout video.
It's supposed to be for pregnant women but I'm going to be
a pregnant woman in the future anyway. I'd really love to
be a healthy pregnant woman. But I really need to figure
out which birth control to get. I'm really thinking about
an IUD. At least for a year. So, I can become set in my
"healthy ways".

So, this is what I'm going to do:
1. I'm going to keep track of my blood sugars everyday!
I'm starting with tomorrow. I have to record before
breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch and before bed. I
can do that.

2. I will walk everyday. Starting from my house to the end
of Pelham road and back. I'll get some earphones for the
walkan that I saw on the floor of Heather's room. I could
listen to it while I walk. Then after a while, I can drag
Heather in her wagon to add some weight so I can get

3. I will do an exercise video every other day. Like
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then Sunday, tuesday,
thursday, saturday, monday etc etc. That sounds pretty
good. I'll also frequent video stores for a video that'll
work out different parts of my body.

4. I will limit my intake of food that is healthy and wont
turn me back into an eating disorder chick. I don't want my
hair to fall out.

5. I'm going to find a job. I need money to purchase good
food for myself and Bill and Heather. I want them both to
be healthy too. Maybe after a while, I can join a health
club like the Y or that women's health club. Then maybe one
day, a fitness instructor!!! But, that'll be way down the

Well, that's it for now.