Life and other junk!
2002-10-20 02:37:47 (UTC)


Well i'm back! i felt like writing again! I know anyone who
is reading this porbably doesn't care about what i write in
here or if i write in her but idk. i didn't have a point to
that! i'm so stupid! Now if some1 who is reading this knows
me probably will say i'm nto stupid but i know i am! he he
he. y is there a song life is just a bowl of cherries if it
isn't?? i wonder!?! i want 2 play the violin! cause if u
read in my other entry i fractured a bone in my finger so i
can't play. but usually i hate the violin so yeah! Well i'm
gonna go now peace out! b y e=BYE( u would only understand
that if u were my friend lorin)