life is just a poker game
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2001-08-05 18:23:06 (UTC)

vodka is my friend/goals

Really. It is. After my little crisis, I drank quite a bit
of vodka and passed out in a blissful stupor. Today is much
better. Although I need more vodka. Maybe I'll stop by the
liquor store and see if they have any boxes I can use. I've
used all the boxes I have so far...of course, 3 are actual
STUFF, and the rest are books. I never realized how much of
a bookworm I was...but yeesh!

So Tuesday I'm going over to the new apartment to see if
there's anything I want that the girl moving out has. How
much I take will be influenced directly by the amount of
money she want for it. (Heh). It would be cool to get a
coffee table, at least. Maybe an end table , a couch, and a
real table, depending on how much they are. If I were to
really dream, I'd say an entertainment center as well :)

Think I'm going to call my mom and ask to borrow a couple
hundred bucks. I've never done that before, and dammit,
this once won't hurt. She's always saying "...if you need
any money...", so I'll take her up on it this once. That
will help to get things settled, here, I think.

Here's a list of things I need to buy in the next week:
-- bathroom stuff (shampoo, etc.)
-- towels
-- garbage can(s) (think one will be enough?)
-- cat food
-- me food
-- broom/mop/etc. (think I have cleaning supplies)

Within the next three months:
-- vacuum ($60)
-- microwave ($60)

Within the next six months:
-- bookshelves (?? prolly around $200)

Within the next year:
-- computer (~$600? dunno, really)
-- headboards for the bed ($250; we'll say 300 to round off)

So, that's $1220 in the next year I need to save. I'll need
to see if I can afford all that. I guess it's only
$100/month over the next year. I can do that, right?
Probably, I won't. But, I can try. I also REALLY need to
start saving $$. 15% would be nice, but it'll most likely
be around 10%.

Funny how I bitch all the time about people being
materialistic...but my goals are set by what I can buy. I
guess they're not really goals, though...more like
motivations to save money since I'm on a meager salary.
(Think: less than minimum wage, but with insurance). Ah,

So, I guess I should make a list of real goals. Not just
what I want...but what I want to accomplish.

One month:
-- start seeing a therapist
-- start exercising daily (M&R - rugby, TWF - run or

Three months:
-- get GFAT experiment done
-- get PKB plasmid made
-- quit smoking

There. I think that's enough for now. Diary, I'm a list
person. I confess. I have a list (written or mental) for
everything. It helps to keep me focused. So I will report
back on these goals as time goes on...