sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-10-20 01:54:38 (UTC)

total weirdness

woah ok i have so much to talk about and its not all very
pretty. so i will do it day by day back wards.

today, sat, i hung around in the morning, got absolutly
nothing done, cut my hair. then at 4 i picked up emily and
we went to visit greg at school. he is really gross and we
dont like him. but we went to see how he is doing. then i
took her home and i went to sit with my aunt jeanne who is
handicapped untill my creepy uncle came home...hmm yeah

friday- slept in, watched some movies, maggie came over,
we went back to her house and watched the godfather 3. it
was so weird bc she was all over me and rubin my crotch
and shit. im definitely not gay now.

thursday- brian did not come to class- i was soo sad. then
i went to a movie with christine and emily. then we went
to this store called second skin where they sell bondage
stuff, dildos, whips,ect. yeah of course i didnt buy ne
thing. then i went home and that night i went to the
haunted catacombs with maggie, lisa, corry, and lisa bf
tim. it was an ok time.

wed- went to school early to study with christine, ended
up going out to lunch instead. then we went to english at
3. so we are sitting in the hall and brian asks me to
smell his arm, long story. then after that i had a
ommunications midterm. failed. then i went to the olympic
for dinner with the girls. after that i went to spot
coffee with emily and steph. then i drove em home and went
to stephs. then we drove around for awhile. on the way
home from her house i got really lost. i was running out
of gas and i was scared, yeah

tues- went to class. then i went to the mall with emily
natisha and lisa, then we went to pizza hut for lunch. on
the way back to school when i dropped them off mags called
and i went over. we watched a movie and there was all
sorts of weirdness.

monday- slept in. had no classes. maggie kidnapped me and
made me come to her house to show her mom that i got my
sweatshirt back from her- which i really didnt. then we
went to a movie and then we went back to my house. she
started rubbing my ear and it was when the weirdness
started. hmm.