Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-10-20 00:49:19 (UTC)

it was today

i think i was in a really bitchy mood today, it was my bat
mitzvah i hated it. i mean i did pretty good actually, but
no evoryone came, they like jus didnt show up. i cant
beklive it. it really pissed me off.and avi was dissing
nolan and no one likes any of my slygo friends. and then i
needed a cigg and brian had some but i as trapped with my
family and i couldet get one, uch. and then i had to spend
about a half houre taking stupid ass pics. and then i dont
kno i really like nolan i really do and i was jus pissed
that ppl did'nt show up. rachel dont like nolan either,
fuck her she's so fucking judgmental about evory guy i'm
with. fuckl her and fuck avi.