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2002-10-19 23:46:43 (UTC)

early life

well this is all new to is. the thought
that someone else is reading whatever is in my head at this
moment is kinda freaky...anyway...down to business. Where
do i begin? Well my parents have been divorced since i was
3. No, i never thought it was my fault. my dad was an
asshole when i was little. he did drugs and has continued
to do drugs all of my life. i guess that is almost where
most of my problem lay. so after the got the divorce there
was the custody battle...wasn't a really a dad
beat my mom around me so of course my mom got custody of
me..but my dad was allowed to see me on the weekends...i
enjoyed being with him more actually. at that young of an
age i was aware of the situation but i didn't tell
anyone...i knew it wasn't something you go around telling
people...which is rare at that young of an age. Now i'm not
saying that my mom was bad...i love my mom dearly...if i
hadn't of had her i don't know where i would be now. i
liked being with my dad's side of the family more. I
related to them more in a sense. i acted like them and
actually looked like them. still do. i don't look like
anyone on my mom's side even though people say that i look
like her. i don't see it... well soon my mom was getting
married again and this time to a guy that was 8 years
younger than her and in the air force. next thing i knew at
7, i was being moved down to south carolina where i lived
for about 4 years. then before i knew it i moved to the
desert portion of Idaho, living on a military base. once he
got kicked out of the air force we moved to washington
state. then that dick head started beating my mother and so
we moved to virginia where my grandparents and my uncle
live. so far we have lived here for almost 5 years and it
is better than ohio(which is where i lived at first). i
have been to a total of 13 schools. but it wasn't
tramatizing if i actually sit down and think about it. when
i started 8th grade i decided to take drama which was a
great thing. but i will get into that next time....