I Debbie...
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2002-10-19 22:31:50 (UTC)

Devil Inside

...The log lit up woth sn expiration off embrs burie into
red glows. The parricle of maple wood showed its last breath
as the twig snapped. The pop of the branch matched the
soound inside my head as I became aware for the first time
tonight of the iintebnse feeling of my eyes into the night.

Kappoo ...shit , shit . shit.... the sounds beat
against the log as my foot beat into ther ground, heavy yet
light. A steaduy pattern into the ooil as the poise of the
ankle reached into the reached of the foot.

The lazy sleeper rolled over closer into her sleeping
bag wet with the dew, as she lay a hand aganst nothing...

Another one saw air in the wind as if he saw shadows of
pother days,other ways he could have done more and beter.

And animals walked cautiosl into paths a they meanderd
iinto the wet dripped tracks weter ar dry coompered to

They slept in their compartments drawn with lines and
veins and strands worn into eacb other..