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2002-10-19 21:17:38 (UTC)


It was the weekend finally! I had been waiting all week
for it, and my parents were gone for the weekend. Younger
brother was over at a friends house for the night, and my
best friend, Jenn, was coming over to spend the night. I
was looking forward to a night of fun and gossip! It was
actually somewhat warm out, now that spring was turning
into summer, so I cleaned out the pool that day so we could
swim if we wanted.

Jenn was about 5 10, blonde, very pretty, with those brown
eyes guys drool over. She had round, medium sized breasts
and was tan. I was a few inches shorter, light brown
highlighted hair, big blue eyes, and had been told I had a
sexy body by many guys. Both of us were athletic and

The doorbell rang in the early afternoon and I greeted Jenn
with a hug and a smile. We put her sleeping bag and stuff
upstairs in my bedroom, then sat down and talked. We both
chatted about the guys we had crushes on, who was hot,
which girls were annoying, etc. She and I could talk about
anything, so when the subject of our sex lives came up, it
was no surprise. Neither of us were virgins, and were
pretty experienced with guys. We talked about our last
time with someone, tips, everything. "You know, I've
always wanted to do it in a pool!" she said. I
replied,"well speaking of the pool, it's clean if you want
to go for a swim." She was sad to say she'd forgotten her
swimsuit. She borrowed one of mine, but Jenn was about 3
or 4 inches taller than me, so it was a little small.

We went down to the pool, and both jumped in the warm
water. It felt so good, I just swam around for awhile and
floated in my bikini. It was still bright outside, so I
went and got the floating beds and layed out on them with
Jenn getting a little tan. We had our straps undone, but
everything stayed covered. My backyard has a fence all the
way around it and big trees everywhere, so it's quite
secluded. Jenn started complaining about getting tan
lines, so I told her to take her swimsuit off if it's that
big of a deal. She said she would, only if I did. So we
both got off our rafts and peeled out of our swimsuits. It
felt so cool to have the freedom of the water over myself.
I got back up on the raft and so did Jenn. It took me one
quick glance to see that her nipples were pierced and she
had shaved almost all of her hair down there away except
for a little bit, strangely like mine.

We both closed our eyes and chatted a bit about some
things. we were talking about guys and I was teasing her
about this one guy she liked so she reached over
absentmindedly and whacked me in the breast hard, instead
of the arm. It really hurt, and left a red mark from her
nails. She looked over at it when I sat up and
apologized. Gently she touched the spot where she'd hit
me right by my nipple to make it feel better, and it got
hard. I was trying to stay calm, so we laid back down and
continued tanning. But now I was really turned on, from
that one little touch. I was getting really warm from
being nervous about it, so I decided to swim around the
pool a bit. I got off the raft and swam around a bit.
Jenn did the same.

I was underwater just swimming around, when I felt Jenn's
hand on my lower leg. She pulled me over to her and out of
the water. I was standing with the water a little below my
breasts, and she pulled me up and kissed me. I was so
shocked at first i didn't know what to think. But for some
reason, I kissed back. How perverted was this, my best
friend and I making out in my pool, naked. She let her
hands run over my breasts, and I did the same to her. I
felt her nipple rings and her breasts get hard at my
touch. Then suddenly we stopped. "This is a little
weird," I said, "But yet, so right." She said, "You know,
I've always wanted to mess around with a girl, how about
you?" I smiled, and kissed her again.

We stopped once more and Jenn got up on her raft, and I
climbed on with her, right on top of her. We were a little
under water, but We made out for like ten minutes on the
one raft, before I rolled off and she went with me. We
were letting our hands explore eachother's bodies under the
water, and rubbing our breasts against eachother. We
eventually made our way over to the shallow end, where I
laid on the steps and she was on top of me, exploring my
body with her hands, and my mouth with her tongue.

I decided that i'd be a little adventurous, and I
masturbated a lot, so I gently slid my hand from her
breast, down to her belly button, then lower to her little
patch of blonde hair. I went a little lower, and found her
clit, and began gently rubbing it. Surprisingly, we didn't
stop kissing and a little moan slipped out from her.

More later.....