Jersey Girl
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2002-10-19 20:43:50 (UTC)

The Best Concert Ever...

...Just has to be No Doubt with Garbage as the opener! I
had the BEST time ever at the show. They played Thursday
night in Philly at the Spectrum. It was great. My brother
accomponied me and i saw a couple friends that i havent
seen in the longest time... Rhiannon and her gf Sebrina, i
think thats her name! anyways, it was cool because where we
sat, we were hoping there wasnt gonna be any boring ppl
sitting next to us, and these 2 girls sat down next to us,
and i said hello to them, even though i didnt know them.
they turned out to be awesome (they are sisters originally
from California but movied to Atlantic City area). We hung
out the whole time together. their names are Christi and
April. We exchanged numbers and email addresses afterward,
and weve been keeping in touch, we plan to hang out again
soon. Well, the concert was great, Gwen Stafani is a
goddess, and it was one of the best shows i ever saw! Rock