buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-08-05 13:59:07 (UTC)

busy busy busy

i've been so busy the last few days! on wednesday night i
went to ej's b-day party. that was lotz of fun. we slept in
the tent and it was really hot! on thursday jill picked me
up from ej's for my mom. then my mom came and got me so we
could go get michelle to go to the mall of america. jake
brought his friend dustin so that was lotz of fun to pick on
those two. we got yelled at by this old guy that we were
bein too loud in this arby's/sbarro restaurant thingy. he
was crabby. me and michelle got matching orange pants from
old navy so now all we hafta do is make our shirts. we
didn't get home until 9 that night. me and chelle had to do
chores. the next day i went and got my hair done. i got it
re-layered. i like it alot. jake got his cast on friday too.
it's a really cool blue color. he only hasta have it on for
like 3 weeks. me and corey slept in the tent friday night.
we had lotz of candy. yesterday we were outside all day
yesterday so that jack and joe could be loose. dad dug the
holes for the fence posts so that we can get the animals a
big pasture. me and mom had to catch our butcher chickens
and now they're in our freezer ready to be cooked and eaten.
we got 15 of them and we've already given one away. i have a
feeling we're gonna be eating a lot of chicken!!!! last
night we had a bonfire and then me jake and corey slept in
the tent. it was fun. i wonder if michelle tried callin me
last night. we were outside so i didn't hear the phone at
all. i should call her today sometime. i have to go do
chores....fun fun.