Yes this is my kool diary!
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2002-10-19 18:38:50 (UTC)

just anything!

damn i want some orange juice! ok hallie and denise are
fine now thank god! denise wrote an e-mail saying she was

here is the e-mail!

ok connie look, i have some things to say and i want you to
take it all in. basically i just want to say im sorry. and
no not because hallie wanted me to. which i think she did
but thats not why. i realized about 10 seconds after i said
all that i was in the wrong. i should have never called
you the things that i did and i should have never said some
of the things that i did. what you do have to understand
was that i was so livid, i was so pissed off and hurt and
angry and sad and just plain upset, i couldnt breathe. and
then you lied to me. the one thing i ask of any one is
honesty, and you lied to me, and i know you lied to me
because you flat out told me you were lying. and that just
intensified the feelings that we already pretty hot, and
when you told me something and then you told me you lied
and told me something else i exploded. i know that some of
the things that i said were not acceptable and thinking
over them i realize that i was a monster, like im scared of
self. i have never in my life ever done anything like that
and i dont think that i could tell you enough how sorry i
am. i know what i said hurt and again im sorry, but i hope
that one day you will forgive me. and we dont have to have
this thing hanging over our heads. again i am sorry and i
hope you believe the sincerity of what i have said.