The Muffin Man

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2001-08-05 13:44:04 (UTC)

Whats Going On?

In the past 3 days Ive been smacked with a wave of
exhaustion. Ive got a total of about 6 hours of sleep and
im putting on a happy show for all the people at work. I
got invited to go drinking but I declined. I dont think it
would have helped much.

I miss tricia so much she was so pretty and great and i
cant wait to see her again. I cant even concentrate. Work
is getting to be a drag. I was their to 11 last night and
i have to go in at noon today and work till 7:30. YAY!!! I
hope i dont get upset and quit.

Oh well thats all I have to say. To tired to say anything

Love you tricia

Laters everyone else.

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