The land of unknown
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2001-08-05 13:14:54 (UTC)


thanks to my computer, this entry is actually a day old
now. the internet locked up on me and i was just about
to submit. piece of crap. anywho, i just got a couple
issues of Steampunk. i fell back a couple, but i'm all
cought up. Steampunk is another title off of Cliffhanger.
it's really cool. but for some reason people don't seem
to be able to comprehend the plot. i don't know why. it's
not that confusing, it's just very well developed. by the
the creative genious that is Joe Kelly. it is an awsome
comic book. the plot would take a lot of explaining, and
i'm not sure i have the time right now, but perhaps
tomorrow. other than that, i'd like to say thank u to Lyz,
for that rose. thank ye! good night, and remember, don't
ask for............. oh nevermind.

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