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2001-08-05 12:48:53 (UTC)


Well, well....I certainly don't feel sad this morning. I'm
okay right now. I thought something would trigger my
feelings off, but it hasn't so far. Right now, I'm thinking
about school. Man, we have only three days. It's my SENIOR
year!!! I'm excited about it, but then again...it's a
serious time for me. I've got to really think about
college. I have the least idea of knowing where I want to
go. I keep telling everyone that I will probably go to
Savannah State my first two years. Is that what I really
want??? I don't think it is. I seriously don't know right
now. But I've got time to think about this stuff later.
Anyway, everyone thinks me and Delilah are being anti-
social. It's nothing like that. It's just we know who to
talk to and not to. Ya feel me? It's like this, we aren't
big talkers anyway. So, if we were to go around a whole
bunch of people, then they would think that we were trying
to be stuck up. And it's not even like that. Like last
nite, for instance, because we didn't go up to where
everyone was....now people think we are being anti-social.
Ay, they will be okay though. I've learned that you can't
talk to some people. Wesley, ToeDoe, and Travis were the
only ones to come say something to us. Those would be the
only people I would talk to anyway. Jemarcus is caught up
in his girl, Leroy would have put drama in the air...and
everyone else...I probably don't talk to them because I see
them for what they really are. I can't wait to go back to
school and hear all the things people are going to be
saying. I know it's going to be sooo off the wall. But
anyway, I guess I'll go buy some school stuff today. Just
for the heck of it. Where has the darn time gone?....*J*

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