brannie's life
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2002-10-19 12:40:01 (UTC)

she's on crack

my mom is on crack. there is no other explanation for what
she manages to send me. last week, i got sent a little
care package at work. not too bad, it was stuff i needed
from back home that she sent me. but then there was the
odd things. like the crochet toilet cover that's white and
peach with little flowers on it, and of course the
matching toilet bowl cover.

tonight, i finally picked the parcel up at sears that has
been waiting for me for a few weeks. not too shabby, i
think. just two small end table type things for our lack
of furniture apartment. but then comes the table cloth
covers for it. my god.. light blue with ruffles around the
bottom.. moom! i am not old! i don't want ruffly shit
around my house. and not to mention we have green shag
carpet. that doesn't exactly go with light blue.

i mean, i'm not a girl. well okay, i am because of the
simple fact i got the right body parts and stuff. but i am
not into frilly prissy crap being around my place. i want
to be able to live in it. to have a beer sitting on the
table (even if it does belong to the roomie) and not think
it seems out of place. it amazes me after her knowing me
for so long, she still gets these hairbrained things in
her head that i -like- doilies and frilly stuff. my cat's
already got a mission to eat things around my house that
are too girly.

eh, but what can you do.. she is trying