for show and tell
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2002-10-19 09:31:49 (UTC)

He is constantly trying to bite..

He is constantly trying to bite the top of the nose of the
alpha. He insists on you see his masterpiece, or you see
his new invention. He's too little to understand exactly
what's going on. His sight of the world is too tiny to do
much with, so he remains ignorant to the elders. And the
elders punish him, but what does he know? His shell is not
fully formed? What can you do? Beat it into him? beating
doesn't work... He is belligerent and conceited, but does
he know better? Who the hell cares...

When the world battles you:
Yevon, I'm so fucking angry right now... ¬_¬ YEVON, I'm so
sick of people today. GAH!!! I wish I could kill something
beautiful right now!! Really pretty, a pretty angel boy
with a face of shear beauty, and I wanna rip it off so
bad!!! RGH! [growls] Ugh, I'm so fucking mad.... [screams]
Yevon, I need some blood... Seriously.. Blood.. I need it
so bad... Just a scrape or two, or maybe all over. A
laceration, I want to give it to a pretty little girl and
I want to hear her screams so fuckign badly!! AAARRGH!!!
GOD, I'm so fucking enraged!! I hate this world so much!!
Death just looks so pretty every fucking day I wake up!!
Tressym: God, I'm sorry... I'm just so disgusted with
something that just happened now and I've become some
enraged typing fool in the dark and.. Really, I'm sorry.
Tressym: I'm sorry.. God, I'm sorry. [whacks his head on
your shoulder and sits there] why does life have to be so
aweful?? Do you see life in a pretty manner? Doesn't it
just look all so ugly to you?... Geez, I'm sorry...
Tressym: Some... Some hideous, hideous, sick act.. No
courtesy, no compassion, no thought, mindless doings that
were just out of the fact that the sinner is so weak he
can't live without doing something horrible. Man, if I
could kill him, I'd take that chance. You know, I really
ought to shut up. Otherwise, I may just break into tears
and then I'll just be a sad, pathetic little crying girl,
and I am not a little girl. Yevon.. It's all so ugly
tonight. Everything is so ugly, brown and greys, just very
ugly, and I hate it.. I hate it so God damn much!!

When you have forgiven the world:
[finally calms down] [lies on a couch looking up at the
ceiling] 'What a world where the matrix is translucent...
If only we knew the truth.. But the truth hurts. Do we
truly want the truth? If the matrix is pulled, we may see
such ugly doings... And even after, what if there is a
second matrix behind it? Something more ghastly and
hideous than the first truth.. We would surely be scarred
for the rest of our lives... And even after the second is
pulled away, who's to say there isn't a third, more
horrifying than the first two, sure to down a person to
death, or at least by their own devices. Yes, humans kill
themselves... Life is meaningless.. There are no virgins,
because life screws us all... Most likely, we all just
want to be a bigger part, and since we can't make it
happen, we sit back and wait, and while we wait, we have
the small things deteriorate us... The universe forgives
no one...' [falls asleep]

How do you measure suffering? In teacups? In kilos? In
grams? Why do angels have wings? That is where the weight
of the world can be found.

How do you mean measure suffering? We measure by saying he
has suffered a lot, and he has suffered very little,
what's wrong with him. But it is all relative. I suffer
greatly because I know no worse, and things I see or hear
is not knowing, therefore I have suffered most because I
know nothing more. He who has suffered very much has
suffered very much, but compared to me, I am lucky. But I
know no worse suffering. I have suffered worse.

And are you saying angels suffer? They die and be reborn
of phoenixes and they take the suffer for everyone? I
thought that was God and Jesus...?