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2002-10-19 08:22:48 (UTC)


Mkay! Found something to talk about! Well a friend from
my old school and i have been on awkward terms. We used to
be bestest buddies in school. We have been friends since
1st or 2nd grade. I used to ride home with her everyday and
we were so close. It was always *Alyssa* and *Marissa*, me
and her. Then over the summer, she started cheerleading and
I'm so not into cheerleading. I think its a joke. What girl
with any self respect would become one of those creatures?!
I think its pretty darn depressing, but that's for another
entry. Anyways! So then we start school.. Atfirst its okay,
then i just talk to her less and less. I never got to see
her over the summer either. She just hung out with her new
buddies. Marissa kept acting like i meant something to her,
and she would tell me, but then nothing would change. She
would still make me feel like i wasn't worth her time. Her
old friend from our old school and her were still close,
she made time for her. Also, her friend fit in with the
cheerleaders and their odd selves. And i'm sorry, I just
can't STAND cheerleaders. It just hurts how i feel so
freakin little to her all of a sudden. I was there before
her other friends, hell i was there before guys came into
the picture and after. I remember when she was chubbier..
and i was still her friend. I was there for her. We'd never
had any conflict with guys, they never came between us like
all her other friendships. That never happened to us. I
told her how she felt and now she's trying to talk to me
more. But that isn't what i wanted. I don't want her to
feel obligated to talk to me. I got used to the fact that
now i don't mean beans to her. I just wanted to end our
friendship on a good level... not for her to talk to me
more. It's just so awkward. I can't talk to her anymore. I
don't like the person that she is now. I can't stand
talking to her sometimes because she is so different. Her
life is boys. They like run her life. I'm sorry that the
boys in my old school never appreciated the person she was
then, because maybe she wouldn't have changed so
drastically. They weren't that nice to her and they weren't
that mean. She's just a huge dramaqueen and they didn't
like that. She couldn't just chill out; she had to make
such a scene about everything and draw attention to
herself. It was just too much. I think pretty much.. i'm
just plain hurt. I went from everything to her, to nothing
in a matter of weeks. But anyways.. thanks for listening to
me or reading this.. you're awesome! *smooochers* ;D!

*_* name changed for personal privacy

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