Second Star To The Right...
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2002-10-19 07:56:34 (UTC)


Well.. i haven't written in a while.. sorry about that.
Anyways. Life is great. I like a senior.. hehe! I don't
know why i'm so head over heels for him.. but i am. I don't
talk to him much.. but i still luv him all the same. He's
the perfect height too.. he's kinda short for a guy.. but
perfect for me because i'm short.. ;D!
School is going well. I got my progress report couple
weeks ago.. got a 3.57.. meh.. i got all B except, 1 'A',
and 1 'A '. But its still first honors which is certainly
good enough for me! Umm.. i don't know really what else to
say.. umm... I love Rufio!!!(the band) and the colors hot
pink and seafoam!! ttyl!