My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-10-19 07:00:40 (UTC)

This weekends gunna rock! heh 10-18

dude today was pretty damn awesome! it was spirit day today
and everyone was all purty and dressed up in gold and
black... our classes were shortened all day and we had the
pep assembly. The assembly was crazy... the seniors won the
spirit stick of course tho... no one else has spirit like
us... i love this time of year, cuz everyone gets along and
is like united and shit... but yea the best part of the pep
rally was the guys poms lol, they wore skirts the whole day
in school and then at the rally, they did a pom routine
to "idiot boyfriend" by jimmy fallon and it was hilarious
especially at the end when they rip their shirts off and
have stuffed bras underneath lmao our guys are crazy!
anywho so yea then i go to the car in the parkin lot and i
hear a scream and some chick got her foot ran over and
broke it and smushed her knee up too that sucks! so then I
go home and am all ready to get comfy and watch tv when
justin calls... so whatever random happens and me, v and
him end up chillin for awhile. then i go to pick up dan
from soccer... so im chillin in 'the beast' and i see dan
walkin out and i give him the peace sign and smirk and he
gives me the weirdest look, kinda nods... and then keeps on
walking. and im like what does the car offend you that
much? lol so im like dude yah gunna get in? and hes like
wtf if this and im just like its the beast... thats my
story the end lol anywho so we go to cuzins to see ash-dawg
(yay!) then i go to tinas to get her so we can meet up with
beck, nicole (stu!!) and bungey bri... well im stupid and i
pick up my soda bottle thats been rollin around in the car
and open it and BAM soda everywhere my pants soaked, me
very pissed... so then my dad decides to call at the very
moment it explodes and im like im kinda busy... so anywho
fast forward to the game... kinda boring and shit except
for halftime, which wasnt as great as last year but still
awesome. rick rapped along with chris o, chris m and
jabbo...after half time we decided to leave cuz we were
killin the other team yay us, so we start walkin and then i
see rick walkin up from the field and something hits me...
I miss him damnit hehe He just looked so cute all red nosed
and flushed lol i just kept thinking "i wish we wouldve
worked out" cuz it was always a blast. You know hows
there's always that one that gets away or the one that has
everything that would make you happy and its right in front
of you but you dont realize it? yea... that sucks hehe but
yea after the game came home and cleaned the sleeping area
for tomorrow. then went to webbs with v, brian, bryan,
trevor and tina and chilled there forever having a blast
cuz bri and bry are so damn hilarious especially when
theyre baked lol so then yea thats about it it was a hella
good time and i hope tomorrow is too cuz otherwise... i'll
have a temper tantrum and cry lol :) peace out