I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-19 05:19:41 (UTC)

Hidden in Perfection

Through these eyes
Is a pain I'll never show
The emptiness I hold inside
The girl you'll never know
Looking in the mirror
All I see is lies
Hidden behind this ugly face
Are the tears I cry inside
You say you see this
beatiful well balanced person
But I don't see what you claim to see
When I look into that mirror
All I see is me
A girl who is not skiny enough
Not good enough in any way
It's so hard to hide my imperfections
When they are showing through more and
more each and every day
The cutting and the starving
Are just the simple tips
You haven't even got to the
iceberg yet
Are you sure you are ready for this?
I don't want to be your burden
Or the one you have to take care of
I don't want my emotional baggage to
be the reason you want to abandon this love
You are my everything and I need you more
Than ever
I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't have you
So I am asking you, just because I don't
Love the person I have become
Does that mean you'll stop loving me too?
Please stay with me forever
B/c even if I don't love me, I do love you


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