Kittys thoughts
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2001-08-05 06:55:12 (UTC)


Emotions,all kinds,just swirling and dancing in my (8-4-01)
head,pain,hurt,confusion.I feel so lost about
everything.Sometimes I just want to get lost in all this
like I used to.It was comforting and nice,but at the same
time it was too dark,I couldnt see anything and I was
losing control of reality,of life.I wont be much to anyone
if I did.Its so hard to let the past go.So much ups and
downs,the best years of my life,so far.I'm some how
attached to my past like a baby to its mom,the feeling of
comfort and secerity.i feed off of it,I need it.I'm torn
between my past and my future,but I'm not going to mess up
my future with my soul mate.I just want to be happy.Cant
anyone see that?

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