Mysterious Attitude
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2002-10-19 03:55:37 (UTC)

Short Update

Okay, itz been so long since I have written, and I have a
feeling, I won't be able to remember everything, so I think
I might just start fresh and with every entry I'll add
random facts, that I remember. I'll probably write once a
week or as often as I can. :)


I love school!! Being in high school totally kicks ass, I
was sooo worried about going to Central but so far its been
the best year of school I've ever had. I'm doing pretty
well in all my classes but World History. *reason being, I
was sick for a week or so and missed 3 dayz of school st8,
and my teacher didn't allow me to make up the work!!*
Besides that, everything else is going good. Choir is a lot
harder now but I can handle it :)


Danielle- We've been hanging out a lot more, I'm still not
sure if she is a true friend... but I guess she is okay.

Tiffany- *Danielle's kick-ass cousin* Omg, I love this
gurl!! She'z so sweet and is fun to hang out with!!

Joey- *Danielle's friend... her 3 year crush* Since the
first day I saw him I started to like him. He liked me to.
Somewhere down the lines, we talked about going out... we
haven't yet but might soon. We kissed once, a few blocks
from my house, it was quite intresting. I still see him,
and he still likes me. I like him... MORE L&ER

Adrian- For the past few weeks we haven't been talking
much, he's too caught up in his other friends to really
worry about me =-(

Erica- She moved and we very seldom talk anymore.

Brittany- *Joe's ex-gurlfriend* I found out she goes to my
school. We have the same lunch hour and we've pretty much
became close friends.

Paul- *my ex-boyfriend, still friend* I broke up wit him,
but not before I sorta cheated on him. When I kissed Joey i
was still wit Paul but our relationship was on the rocks.
We got into many fight but we keep talking to each other
and at this moment we are still friends and talking like we
never broke up.

Lydia- Eh...I talk to her still, not as much tho. She's
going to be getting married soon and its tearing me apart,
but its okay.

Andria- I don't talk to her much... she dont have time for
me I suppose.

Joe-*my cousin by marriage* At this point I can't stand his
ass. He told Brittany a lot of stuff about me and he'z been
telling people that me and Justin had sex. Which isn't
totally true, we almost did but didnt!!

Justin-*Joe'z bro* I've only seen him once since what
happened between us, and that was at Bear's mom'z *Judy*
funeral. We didn't speak much, but I gave him the silver
necklace I had bought for Paul. I still love Justin will
all my heart, it hurts me cuz I have no idea how he feels
about me.

George- Eh.... we DON'T talk as much, he called me A LONG
time ago, and that was about it.


WAY TO MANY!! I'll write up a update on them l8er.

(Details added later)

- Bear's mom died RIP
- Joe and I kissed
- Broke up with Paul
- Cut my wrist
- Boyz at school
- more i can't remember


Well, I guess that is about all. I'll be sure to write more
often and add more things. So, bye byez 4 now