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2001-08-05 05:57:30 (UTC)

August 5th...HE'S GONE.....

Well, I just got home from being out and about. Leroy came
to see me at work. I was really happy to see that he made
that effort. I don't know. I think he just wanted me to
tell him to spend time with me. But I don't feel that I
have the position to do that. Because if he really wanted
to spend that time with me, then he should have just said
so. But I think I gave him mixed signals. My emails would
say one thing and I would act another way. Anyway, we got
together in BP. We hugged and stuff. Awwwww, str8 bliss! I
love the way he holds me. I love the way I can smell Tide
on his clothes....I think it's Tide. I love the way he
kisses me and the way his kisses taste. I could go anywhere
and pick him out because of the simple things. I'm
surprised with myself though. I got kinda sad towards the
end, but I didn't cry. I know it will come soon, but I
DIDN'T CRY!!! Whoa, I'm shocked. But I guess the main
reason I didn't cry was because I know there will be me and
Leroy again. I know I'll talk to him when he comes home.
And as far as the sex thing goes...it can wait. I still
want it to be with him. The only way it will change is if
he goes to Clemson and becomes a WHORE. There's really no
way of me knowing about it though, if it happens. But I
belong to him and that's final! I feel good right now. I
don't feel too much sorrow about it. I got to see him
before he left. Right now, I'm licking my lips because I'm
trying to taste him. AWWWWWW, no more kisses for me till I
see him again. But faith does work in wonderful ways. My
stepdad's sister is going to be attending Clemson also!!!!!
Can we say COLLEGE VISIT TIME!!!! I know I've got to take a
few visits to see my baby. He'll be my baby always. The
last thing he said to me was, " Don't be acting up in
school." I'm a big retard, but I'll cherish that. Well, I
suppose I'll go and end this thang. It's very early or
late...whateva you want to say. But there will be more to
write when the sun is shining.....*J*

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