kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-10-19 02:22:47 (UTC)

Must be that time

For the past few hours I have been getting depressed. I
figure it must be my time of the month soon. I hope it
comes soon. I want to get it over with.

To add to all that I thought Cal left without me for
dinner. Turns out she is going later. She is eating with
Mandy. I don't know why I have a hate for Mandy around
Dave. I like her the rest of the time. Today she
complimented me on my outfit. It was good to hear.

I am wearing a long black skirt with a slit up the left
leg. I have on a sleveless zipper backed top that is blue
and white. It's style harks from the 60's or 70's. I
truely have no idea how old it is. I got it second hand
from Cal's sister. My shoes are silver ones with a chunky
three inch heal that I wore for my brother's wedding.

I feel less depressed since I don't feel left behind. I
am wishing Dave would come home. I have a html question
for him. John might know it too, but he's not around
either. I'm too lazy to call either one of them.

I downloaded 113 Nine Inch Nails songs today. Some of
them are ones I had, but most are ones I have been dying
to get.

I painted my toe nails purple today. They now match my
fingernails. They are so cute! I'm glad I can show them
off in these shoes. The look good in contrast with the
silver shoes.

I have movies that I need to return by midnight tonight or
John is going to have late fees on his card. I can make
it there if I get motivated later. I have had no
motivation today. I did start to work on a new website
design today. I am working on it to get me motivated to
do my class assignment.

I have run into problem with my form tags. I want the
links to open up in my "iframe". They won't do that and
the page they are on won't appear if you leave it and push
the back button. It totally skips over the page like it's
not there. I will have to see if the same thing happens
in Netscape or not. It could be some sort of IE problem.
I know there are many in my book.

Ok, the site doesn't work in Netscape either. Now I am
frustrated! I need to get it to work.