Who Wants To Be Ordinary, In A Crazy Mix
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2002-10-19 02:02:21 (UTC)

Bailing Out

Ashley - my supposed best friend - now she's leaving me in
the dust - look at this:

"Yeah! It's FINALLY firday! I love the weekend! It is so
totally fab! lol! Tonite im babysitting in an hour (fun
huh??) lol! Tonite I think im gonna sleep over my best
frineds house! AHH! I ove her to death! She is so cool!
And it is just so much fun hangin out with her cuz shez so
funny! lol!"

What the hell? The "best friend" she speaks of DEFINETLEY
isn't me, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that
we were best friends!? When did we break the whole "best
friends forever" thing off? I definetly missed it. I'm so
fucking pissed right now. If she sees this entry, she's
going to say, "well don't get all upset, this is what
diaries are for," and "you're both my friends" and crap. In
4th grade, she forced me to chose between her and Lauren. I
couldn't have two best friends. And now, she can? I'm like,
bawling because I'm so confused and I don't know what to say
or what to do......