2001-01-25 20:28:29 (UTC)

another day over and I am just..

another day over and I am just as tiered as I was
yesterday. Maby because I stayed up and chatted on the
internet late last night too ? I guess so *LOL*

To day I had a very nice surprise, on my bank account was a
much larger sum of money then I had expected, and today I
got ridd of half my bills :-)) A very nice feeling I can
tell you.

Other than that it just doesn't happen that much in my
life. I go to work in the morning, make dinner when I go
home and do various domestic work in the evenings. A great
many hours is spent in front of the computer too I am
afraid *lol* and I love to talk to my friends on the
internet, friends I never see enough off outside the
computer because we live so far apart from each other. The
greater joy when we meet !

somebody asked me yesterday why I live alone. Maby it is
because of my husband, who I was married to for some 5
years or so. We had known eachother for some years before
that too. He was a drunken psykopat and my life was like
hell before I found strength enough to break free. He
marked my life to that degree that I don't ever know if I
want to have a long-time relationship with anyone. Now I
see too that I might long for the warmth and the sexuality
you can find in a relationship, but to me the price is too
high to pay.

Right now there is nothing I like more than to find a
soaking bath and just enjoy the warm wather and the peace
and quiet. Maby we meet again someday *S* Till then I hope
you enjoy your life and don't work your head off just for
money *hug*

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