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2001-08-05 04:22:04 (UTC)

The Oddities Online

Wow... There are many types of people you meet
online. One guy was gay, but he was a good listener and so
he was cool. I shared my views on how the world is in
turmoil and how much my life sucks with the homosexual and
one other guy.
Oddest of all people i met tonight though... I suppose
he'd be considered an animal molester, though he honestly
thinks what he does is not bad in anyway. He says that the
animals enjoy it and if they did not, he would not do it.
He says that animals can be just as loving as humans,
except when they don't like something, they tell you.
True as it seems, I still must wonder what makes a guy
turn to animal molestation to satisfy his needs. What
brings such satisfaction from his interaction with animals
that can make it compare to that of human beings?
Oddly enough, I do not find it to be wrong or
sickening where as most people would. I don't intend to
try it myself... (lol) but I'm not against him for what he
enjoys. Though I am skeptical, I still wonder what could
make it compare in the least.
I must say that Brian is one of the
most "interresting" people I've met online in a long
while. Though I do not see the upside to mating with a
different species... (not meaning as though trying to
reproduce) lmao.. but I won't judge against him either.

Well, being that it is 12:22 am... I think I'll head
off to bed after receiveing Brian's pic and I hope to sleep
with dreams of my sweet heart Scott :)

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