The mediocrity that is me
2002-10-18 22:08:18 (UTC)


I miss hanging out with you. I miss getting drunk in your
dorm room. I miss smoking cigarettes under the stars, and
I miss you letting me wear your jacket, even though I
didn't want to. I miss the witty conversation, and the
way you'd make fun of me when I was tired "No? Sleep is
for the weak?"

Yes, damn right, sleep is for the week. And so is feeling
like this.

I miss your stupid i-mac and the limeware that would never
let me find the coolest songs. I miss sitting in your red
chair. I miss playing old school nintendo. I miss seeing
the people in your dorm. I miss baking cookies with you.

I miss your hands. I miss the way the felt in mine. I
miss having you fall asleep while watching a movie. I
miss the fact that whenever my roommate said "Going over
to Anthony's?" she was right. I miss walking with you at
night. I miss you walking me back to my dorm, even though
I was perfectly fine doing it by myself.

I miss the fun. I miss the games. I miss the kissing. I
miss thinking that someone cared.

I miss being friends.

I miss you, more than you can possible know.