And now for something completely dumb
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2002-10-18 20:35:56 (UTC)

Shit Sticks and Dumb Fucks

I just don't get people sometimes. Especially girls.
Seriously, is there something about me that says, "Treat me
like shit, I don't care. Blow me off, it's all good."
This is why I'm gonna move someplace and be a hermit. I've
had girls come hang out with me and as soon as they see one
of my brothers...bye bye Craig. But whatever. I don't
care anymore. I'm gonna go out and have fun like I always
do. Maybe I shouldn't be so trusting anymore. Take for
instance, this girl I LIKED, not no more. She lied to me
and somehow I'm supposed to be happy for her? Well, fuck
that. I'm seriously getting tired of people walking all
over me. But as God as my witness, they can suck my dick.
Hurt me once, you might get a second chance. Hurt me
again, don't even ask. Maybe I give people too many
chances. I mean seriously...if they hurt me once, what's
gonna stop them from hurting me again?

Well, my plan for this weekend is to get drunk as fuck and
forget about how bad this week has been. Sounds fucking
great to me. Anybody in or around Wichita, Ks wanna come
to a party tonight, call my cell 250-2164.

Song playing: Gotta Get Through This by Daniel Beddingfield
Next person to call: I dunno
Cigarettes thus far: 2, rough day and its barely started
Dumb thing said/done: Still too early, call me later

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