Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-10-18 20:02:18 (UTC)

My Birthday!

Well, my birthday was yesterday and it was great. I
always expect my birthdays to suck for some reason, but
they're usually really good. My work got cinnamon rolls in
the morning, pizza at lunch, and cake in the afternoon for
me. My dad came by with flowers from my family, and I got a
card from my grandpa. Ry took me out shopping to the
Mission Viejo mall and then the Spectrum. Then he took me
to Hooters (which was actually very thoughtful for those of
you who are raising your eyebrows, because I've never been
and I always talk about how much I want to go). However,
they had moved to a different restaurant, a fish
restaurant, and I hate fish. The restaurant was called
Crabby Kenny's... who the hell would eat there? He felt bad
even though it wasn't his fault, but I told him it was the
thought that counted, and it was a great idea. We went to
Outback Steakhouse instead, which was a wonderful
substitute, even without boobs. Then he planned on going to
a strip club until we found out it had closed down. Ryan
was so concerned about me being disappointed and let-down
because these places he was planning on taking me to didn't
work out, but I had a lot of fun just being out with him on
my birthday. We rode the ferris wheel at the Spectrum :)
On Tuesday, I went to that city council meeting for
the Juaneno tribe (read the entry from a week or so ago),
and we lost. The Catholic school people said they'd pay the
city a lot of money to let them build it, and so the city
went for it, even though there was 5 times as many people
speaking out on our side as there were on the opposition.
Money wins over morals yet again. It was very
disheartening. There is a protest in a week when the J.
Serra people will be blessing the school site, with a
priest of course, and dedicating the school, not to the
Juaneno I'm sure. Ry and I are going, and Daniel and
Garrett might come too.
Also on Tuesday, I helped Mindy with the case against
Lauren, but we didn't get anywhere because Lauren wouldn't
compromise on anything. Lauren has a week to settle, or
they're going to have to go through with a major lawsuit.
Lauren's a fucking idiot, because she owes Mindy $5,000,
and Mindy said she'd settle for her last week's pay that
she never got (about $800), and Lauren said she'd think
about. What a dipshit.
Okay, that's it, I'm having my b-day party tonight,
it's going to rock, I'll write about it later!