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2002-10-18 19:53:48 (UTC)

Convo with Dave

This is what went down when we talked yesterday. It
turned out to be kinda long. Oh well. Most of it is

g: why is life so confusing?

d: ?/?

d: ???

g: there is something I need to tell you. I've been
wrestling with it all week.

d: ok

g: I don't know how to say this. On Saturday when we
were watching movies I looked over at you and I felt a
more than friendly feeling.

d: alright...

g: I've spent the whole week questioning my life.

d: why, I don't see a need for you to be doing that,
those thoughts have gone in and out of my brain for quite
a while... but john being a friend or not, I would never
do anything to disrupt your relationship

g: I know I love John, but I just want to hug you.

d: so, there isn't anything wrong with that, I hug most
of my female friends when I see them or when I leave

g: I just had to get that out. It's been really bugging
me all week.

d: is there something more to it that you are telling me?

g: I don't know. I don't think there is, but I'm not

d: do you want to lay off the mistress/slave, would that

g: that doesn't bug me.

d: alright...

g: I guess I've just been over thinking things.

d: haha... oh boy, welcome to my former world

d: I used to overanaylze things until it drove me insaine

g: I don't tend to think about things this much so it
wierded me out.

----Later that day----

g: oh, I hear you can't quite remember what we talked
about when we got drunk...

d: I don't think I want to

g: I don't think you said anything bad...

g: I know I said some silly stuff

d: alrigh

g: I recall finding new ways to pee

d: hahaha

g: it didn't work sitting backwards on the toilet, but
standing up worked well.

d: I take it there won't be much drinking this weekend?

g: I don't think so...I haven't thought about it

g: I don't currently have a need to get drunk

d: how come

g: things are going well. I am more than willing to get
drunk again though, it was fun!

d: the reason to get drunk, is just to get drunk... no
other reason needed

g: do you want to drink this weekend? I can buy some

d: if you want to

g: ok, what would you like?

d: crown royal, jack daniels, etc..

g: ok. I'll get some of one of those and some form of

g: would you prefer superior, gold or 151?

----At this point MSN crapped out on us and we moved over
to AIM. I don't have that convo, but he said I should get

----Later still----

g: have you decided to come over this weekend? Cal said
she didn't think you were.

d: not sure if I want to drive that far this weekend

g: that is fine.

d: is john coming over?

g: no, he is busy

The convo ended soon after with Dave going to bed.

I feel so much better after having told him that. I also
feel silly for getting as worked up over it as I did.