i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
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2001-08-05 03:53:26 (UTC)

i saw an accident today

- as i was driving home from school - the minivan had just
rear ended this guy - at first i thought it was a chineese
firedrill - people running around their car - but that
little girl wasn't laughing - and then the people ran from
their front porch over to the car - the car they hit was
nowhere in sight - there was one car between me and the
minivan - there were already people helping the people
involved - so i just drove around it all - is there
anything i should have done - could have done - the airbags
had been deploed - and the passenger was leaning up aginst
his seatbelt his neck was limp - he was wearing a pink
shirt - i didn't notice the driver - i was just staring at
the man in the passenger side with his pink shirt and his
limp neck the half deflated airbag infront of him - it was
so strange